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Seller FAQs

Why should I sell my vehicle at CarPros?

When you make the decision to sell or trade your car, you have two choices:

a) Sell/trade the car to a dealer, which can be convenient but often results in a price that is far less than the private party value.

b) Take on the time consuming and costly challenge of selling it on your own.

CarPros offers a better option – an automotive retailer with a climate controlled facility that helps sellers get more money for their cars without the traditional hassles and risk of transacting in the private market. Bring it to us, name your price, and we do all the work to get it sold. We are truly a family owned and operated dealership and you will see and feel that the moment you visit us at CarPros.

  • Make thousands more than you would on trade-In and forget low-ball offers.
  • Save Time & Eliminate Hassle.
  • Selling from your home is a potential safety risk for you and your family.
  • We answer all the questions and concerns potential buyers may have with your vehicle.
  • We process all of the necessary legal and DMV paperwork.
  • We inspect, clean, photograph, list, and sell your car.
  • We keep your vehicle detailed for demonstration.
  • Fraud protection.
  • Flat-Fee Pricing.

What should I bring to list my vehicle at CarPros?

  • Title or loan payoff statement
  • Registration
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Keys
  • Service records that will add to the value of your vehicle.

What does it cost to sell my vehicle at CarPros?

You will have an up front listing fee of $249, which covers the expense to prepare and market your vehicle for sale, including a state safety inspection, basic interior and exterior cleaning, a Carfax history report, 60 professional photographs, ad copywriting, and various online listings such as AutoTrader, CarGuru, Truecar and many more. If your car happens to need a full detail, we can take care of that for you for an additional $140 for sedans and coupes and $160 for trucks and SUVs. After we sell your vehicle, we take a $499 fee directly from the proceeds. Our incentives are completely aligned: If we don’t sell your car, we don’t get paid a fee.

What services am I paying for?

When you list your vehicle with CarPros, you will receive all of the benefits of a professional dealership working on your behalf to sell your vehicle quickly. We will educate you on market conditions to help you price your car competitively, clean and prepare your car for sale to maximize its curb appeal, advertise and display your car in a climate controlled facility, manage email and phone inquiries as well as test drives. We will provide you with updates to keep you informed. Once you are matched with a buyer, we will arrange any document processing on your behalf. We will handle the DMV, insurance and bank paperwork properly. As a private seller, you may not know how to release yourself from liability. If not done correctly, and the buyer feels the car was not represented accurately, they may have legal claim to a refund. If you haven't processed the paperwork properly you can be held responsible for the buyer's negligence. We take car of all legal and financial paperwork, releasing you from all liability immediately upon sale and get your money to you in the fastest possible fashion.

Why does CarPros use a flat fee structure?

The flat fee structure is in place to encourage our Company’s core tenets: transparency, integrity, and customer service. Commission based sales are stressful on both the buyer and seller, this removes the stress from car buying. It ensures that CarPros is equally motivated to sell ANY of the cars consigned regardless of price so that all customers are treated equally. It also ensures a positive buying experience by not creating an incentive to push a more expensive car on a buyer. Aside from motivating transparent and high-integrity behavior, the benefit to CarPros sellers is typically $2,500 to $3,500 more than wholesale trade-in prices regardless of the cost of the car, and the CarPros fee is designed to be a reasonable portion of the value added.

How is the price of my vehicle determined?

At CarPros we do a thorough market analysis on your car, checking Cars.com and AutoTrader.com etc. to see where similar vehicles are priced. We also look at current auction results, for these most accurately reflect current market conditions. Keep in mind, how you price your car will have a great influence on how fast it will sell, and we have intentionally kept our fees low to help you price your car competitively.

Where is my vehicle listed?

All listings post on our own site, AutoTrader, Truecar, Cars.com, Craigslist, and many others. We will also feature your car through our Twitter and Facebook pages, leveraging the power of social media to expose your car to additional buyers. We work extremely hard to maximize exposure to your vehicle during the marketing process.

What happens when someone wants to buy my vehicle?

We will present you with the offers we receive for your vehicle, accepting them or rejecting them is up to you if the offer is lower than our initial price analysis. If you accept the offer, we will make arrangements to finalize the deal, process all paperwork, and prepare the vehicle for delivery. Once your vehicle is delivered and the funding is finalized we will cut you a check within 5 business days.

What if a potential buyer has a trade?

Approximately 40% of used car buyers have a car they wish to trade, another reason why they want to purchase a car from a dealer. Most don't want to bother with selling it themselves and want to enjoy the sales tax savings on their purchase. Trades are treated the same as cash and you’ll still realize the same net money in your pocket. We welcome trade-ins resulting in a quicker sale for you.

What if I don’t live near your store or even out of state?

We have worked with sellers of vehicles all around the country and have received cars from places such as Ohio, Virginia, and even South Dakota! Since we help you sell your car for thousands more than trade-in prices, you can still save thousands of dollars by consigning with CarPros, even after the cost of shipping and our consignment fee. We use our network to arrange cost efficient shipping from your home or work to our store. Any paperwork can be processed via email, fax, or mail. Just give us a call or email, tell us about your car, and we’ll take it from there.

Do I have to leave my vehicle with you?

We do recommend leaving your vehicle with us to increase your chances of a quick sale. We can offer a variety of flexible options that allow you to drive your car while it’s for sale. Our online marketing skills will drive maximum exposure for your vehicle, and we will work with you to schedule test drive appointments while minimizing any inconvenience.

What if a potential buyer needs financing?

Since private sellers aren’t privy to the buyer’s credit report, they’re oblivious to the buyer’s creditworthiness, whereas a dealer has instant access to this information. Over 80% of all cars sold are financed. We are partnered with dozens of local credit unions through CUDL and Dealertrack as well as local and national banks. We also offer sub-prime financing, doubling your potential clientele. These options make purchasing more attractive and feasible to buyers.

Can you sell my vehicle if I have a loan/lien or lease?

Yes, many of our sellers have loans/liens on their vehicles, which is one of the reasons they are drawn to our program. We help them obtain more value for their vehicle to pay off their loan and maybe have a little left over or cover negative equity. Many of our customers choose to sell their car towards the end of their lease or even with months remaining until termination. It’s easy and is a great way to realize any equity value you may have built up in your lease. Once we sell your vehicle, we will pay the lien holder directly and write you a check for any difference once we have received the title.

What if my vehicle is a classic?

At CarPros we love these cars, thick sheet metal and carburetors. We call cars over 25 years old “Classic Cars.” Classic Cars have a slightly different marketing process and fee from traditional consignments due to their unique attributes. Classic Car sellers will have a $299 listing fee and $599 sale fee. If the car remains listed for sale at the end of an initial 90 day listing period, Classic Car sellers will pay an additional $99 listing fee for each subsequent 30 day period until the vehicle sells. In addition to all the benefits of a consignment at CarPros, sellers of Classic Cars will have the added benefit of having their vehicle listed on ClassicCars.com. Since we are an indoor facility we are a perfect place to store your classic until we find it a new home.

Buyer FAQs

Why should I shop at CarPros?

Consumers at CarPros are able to find attractive vehicles on consignment at prices that are typically 10-20% less than they would pay at traditional commission based dealerships. Buyers benefit from below retail prices and a comfortable, no pressure environment that enables anonymous, safe, and convenient private party transactions. We are truly a family owned and operated dealership and you will see feel that the moment you visit us at CarPros.

Who are the sellers?

Cars listed at CarPros are sold by owners who would like to sell their car privately without the hassle, time commitment, and risk of doing it themselves. Most of our vehicles are consigned by consumers in the communities around our store.

Does CarPros provide financing?

Yes, CarPros partners with a number of banks and financial institutions that can help with just about any purchase in almost any credit situation. We work with a large variety of lenders to best accommodate the needs of each particular buyer. In most cases, because of our strong relationship with our lenders, we can get a higher amount approved at a lower rate than an individual going to his or her own bank, and offer financing as low as 3.3% with approved credit. We also act as an agent for most major credit unions so we can do all the paperwork on the spot without the buyers needing to make a trip to their credit union. Just fill out a short credit profile by CLICKING HERE, and we will contact you with next steps.

Can I have a mechanic check the vehicle?

Yes, while all cars listed at CarPros pass a North Carolina state safety inspection (e.g., brakes, tires, lights, and other operational items), we are not mechanics so we can’t personally evaluate the quality or condition of the vehicle that you’re buying. We can refer you to several local service centers that can give you a greater comfort level regarding the quality and condition of your new ride. Pre-purchase inspections are available at most independent mechanics and generally cost about $100.

Can I purchase an extended warranty and GAP insurance?

Yes you can, CarPros works with American Guardian Warranty Service, they can offer you competitive rates on coverage ranging from a basic 3 month plan to a comprehensive 5 year package. Service contracts are a great way to protect yourself against repair costs that may arise from vehicle issues after your purchase. Their GAP insurance will protect your investment in the event of a total loss accident. We will review available options at the time of purchase.

How do I know I’m getting a good deal?

We want you to feel good about buying a great car at a fair price. CarPros vehicles are typically priced 10-20% below retail, and we will help you understand the value you receive by showing you the same market data (Truecar and Cargurus) that we use to help sellers price their vehicles.

Are there any fees for buyers?

Buyers at CarPros will pay a processing fee of $449, DMV license and registration fees (in NC between $88-$142 depending on your vehicle’s weight for new plates or $72.00 if transferring plates), and taxes (in NC 3% sales tax) that are passed directly through to the relevant authorities. You will have the ability to purchase ancillary services, such as extended warranty contracts and GAP insurance, but that’s totally up to you.

How is CarPros different from a commission based dealership?

CarPros is a consignment store for cars, trucks, vans, suv’s, classic cars and even motorcycles. We are not a typical commission based dealer chasing the big sale quotas for the month. CarPros receives the same flat fee from our selling customers regardless of the sales price, so our staff does not care whether you buy a Porsche or a Civic, only that you have a great buying experience. We can also help you get cars at below retail prices through our auction access, just let us know what you are searching for.

Is shopping at CarPros better than going directly to the seller?

The consignment process is better than going straight to a private seller for a number of reasons:

  • Convenience – We offer the convenience of financing, accepting trade-ins, and extended service contracts – at below retail prices.
  • Expertise – We have access to mechanics, lending specialists, registration clerks, and other automotive professionals to answer any questions.
  • Selection – We offer a wide variety of attractively-priced vehicles at our easily-accessible retail store.
  • Safety – You work with us only. No dealing with strangers, no missed appointments, no uncomfortable face-to-face negotiations with the owner. It’s anonymous, safe, and easy.

What should I bring with me for my appointment to purchase a car?

We keep the process simple, our goal is to have you in and out within 30 minutes. Please bring the following:

  • Driver’s license – Anyone who will appear on the title and registration will need to bring a driver’s license and sign the paperwork.
  • Contact info – Best contact phone number and email address.
  • Proof of insurance – Have them add the car you are purchasing to your insurance plan. They will typically need the VIN, it is on our web site, and they can subsequently fax proof of coverage to us at 704-677-7395 or email it to us at carproslkn@gmail.com.
  • Payment – We accept cash, cashier’s checks, credit cards or loan checks from your bank or credit union. Let us know if you need a bill of sale faxed in advance of picking up your new car.